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Rot-Weiss Essen

020-EPOS GmbH and Rot-Weiss Essen have expanded their cooperation

From now on, the service center is a premium partner at Hafenstraße and presents every goal of the traditional Bergeborbeck club with a graphic insert. RWE and 020-EPOS GmbH celebrate the extension of the partnership with a jointly produced spot.

Logo RWE Premium Partner

RWE and 020-EPOS GmbH have been cooperating for more than two years. As an ambitious supporter of the club, jersey sponsor of the 2nd team and promoter of numerous charitable projects of the RWE social initiative Essener Chancen, the medium-sized company showed great dedication to Rot-Weiss Essen. In the midst of the difficult Covid pandemic, 020-EPOS GmbH also gave Essen fans on short-time work the opportunity to maintain full employment with a job.

Daniel Elzer

Head of Sponsoring/Sales at Rot-Weiss Essen

We maintain a close and cooperative exchange with 020-EPOS GmbH – and have done so for years. 020-EPOS GmbH has managed to completely integrate the ‘RWE DNA’ into its own day-to-day work within a very short time. Despite difficult pandemic times, EPOS has promised full support. The cooperation between 020-EPOS GmbH and RWE is a success story from every point of view.

Georg Jansen

Managing Director of 020-EPOS GmbH

Anyone who has ever visited our office space knows: 020-EPOS GmbH and RWE – they go together. Every 020-EPOS employee carries the enthusiasm for the special club from the Hafenstraße. Scarf and jersey, those belong firmly to our work equipment. Which makes us even happier that we, as a goal partner, are able to accompany the most emotional experiences for RWE fans from now on.


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12. March 2021
Top Training Material Thanks to 020 Epos GmbH

RWE and Essener Chancen partner dresses Team III up in new gear.

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About us

Founded in 2002, 020-EPOS European Point of Service GmbH employs around 900 full-time and part-time staff at its sites in Castrop-Rauxel, Essen and Oberhausen. The core services of the red and white partner are telemarketing as well as support and sales services.

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020-EPOS GmbH enjoys an excellent reputation among clients for its flexible, innovative and success-oriented work.

In cooperation projects, the service center has also trained RWE branch employees in the past with regard to optimized customer orientation and service performance.


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