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What awaits you

Your new workspace

We don’t just offer you a “job”, but a workspace. We plan with you for the long term as part of our company.

Of course, you will start with an extensive basic training and familiarization phase. Through intensive coaching, we will accompany you in your tasks and master upcoming challenges together.

Within the framework of further education and training opportunities, you can expand your personal horizons and also gain qualifications.

Do you want to make a career with us? Go ahead, show yourself to be a reliable employee. Whether you are a trainer, team leader or in other areas, we are happy to count on workmates who carry our 020-EPOS DNA. Show yourself and you will be seen.

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  • Secure workspace

020-EPOS continues to grow – even in these times we continue to expand our teams across all locations.

Due to our high quality standards and reliable performance, our clients trust us and regularly expand their order volume. We also see this as praise for our employees. Each employee is responsible for securing and creating new jobs.

  • Safe working environment

We offer you a personal workspace. For hygienic reasons you will of course receive your own headset. Additionally, all locations are equipped with disinfection dispensers.

Our hard-working cleaning team employees ensure cleanliness and hygiene at the workplace and in the entire areas all day long.

  • Attractive bonuses

We are pleased to inform you that you will not only receive a permanent employment contract, but also a starting bonus of up to 1500,-€ .

A basic salary of 12,50€ an hour + 1,00 € sales bonus (in almost all sales campaigns) = 13,50 € + bonuses from the 1st day of telephoning. Exciting projects are waiting for you.

020-EPOS recruiting

Join the team

At our locations in Essen, Oberhausen, Castrop-Rauxel and Dortmund, you will be welcomed by a member from HR development department and guided through the application process.

We believe that there is no substitute for getting to know each other personally. We take the time for you and your questions. We create a space for personal conversations and show you what we expect from you and what you can expect from us.

Naturally, we give you the opportunity for a transparent exchange with existing employees and a look behind the scenes. It is important to us that you know what kind of working environment awaits you.

Working at 020-EPOS

Secure success through targeted training at 020-EPOS

  • Project-related basic training
  • Familiarization phase
  • Regular individual training on the job

You do not need any experience in sales or in the service center. To ensure that you have a secure start with us as a career changer, you will begin with basic training on your first day, which consists of theoretical and practical training. By doing this, you are sure to achieve your first successes. The training phase is of course paid for (see condition sheet).

Working at 020-EPOS

Permanent employment contracts

Permanent employment contracts are the basis for a secure income and a secure perspective. That is why we at 020-EPOS have decided to offer this security to our employees. Both sides profit from it.

Apply now

Shift work / Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours are possible depending on the area of work.

Essen location
Shift work without Sundays/holidays

Oberhausen location
Flexible working hours and shift work without Sundays/holidays

Castrop-Rauxel location
Flexible working hours and shift work without Sundays/holidays

Dortmund location
Flexible working hours and shift work without Sundays/holidays

Shift work usually refers to inbound projects.


Impressions from our location in Essen

Any questions?

Our friendly staff will be happy to answer them. Simply call or use the contact form.

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