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About us

We have been creating transparency for our clients and employees since 2002.

The 020-EPOS European Point of Service GmbH (hereinafter abbreviated to 020-EPOS) was founded in 2002. After starting with 19 productive employees in inbound and outbound, 020-EPOS has steadily developed since then. Today (as of 2023) the company has around 900 full-time and part-time employees at 4 locations in the Ruhr area.

020-EPOS has an excellent reputation with its clients and is considered to be reliable, flexible, innovative and success-oriented. The performance and competence have been proven over two decades, even under what are now difficult conditions.

The range of services of 020-EPOS GmbH includes the active and reactive processing of customer contacts (B2C & B2B) via all media/channels and the targeted cross-media linking of these.

Active marketing (telephone marketing)

Lead generation and appointment scheduling

Retention (customer recovery)

Sales & Customer Care Services

Support Services

Our priorities

are the reason for our success

As a professional call center, we at 020-EPOS put full importance on your satisfaction. We pay attention to the constant achievement of goals, a high service level and the quality of our work. But your protection is also important to us: we guarantee high data protection and security standards.

Priority I: Customer satisfaction

The best possible satisfaction of the client is our top priority. This is the only way to ensure long-term security and growth with the respective client. In our narrow market environment, a satisfied client and the people involved are also promoters for our company.

The goals of our clients are defined almost exclusively in the following areas:

  • Target achievement, service level and quality, quality, quality
  • High data protection and security
  • High flexibility, well-founded competence, resourceful education
  • Openness and proactivity in every situation

We want to be the best and show that with our bench placements.

Taking the client’s goal and making it our top priority means putting it before anything else.

Priority II: Satisfaction of our employees

The satisfaction of our employees is the lever with the biggest torque for the achievement of goals and any further personnel development. Satisfaction in this sense is not only based on the creation and maintenance of acceptable framework conditions, but ideally also on:

  • a smile for everyone who joins, an open ear for everyone who is there, a perspective for everyone who stays
  • openness and accommodations wherever possible
  • the feeling of having a secure job instead of a temporary one


We strive for a corporate atmosphere/culture described in this way, both vertically and horizontally throughout the company. In addition to the primary perception of 020-EPOS GmbH as an employer, we strive to create a sense of community. We want to unite employees, regardless of success, position and whereabouts.

Priority III: Short-term economic success

Short-term economic success is rarely the starting point for operational decisions. For instance, human resources are used to support the client’s goal and to underline the performance of our team. There is no prioritization based on contribution margin or turnover.

Striking, provocative and simplifying, the following sentence describes our guidelines:

If we don’t make money at number 1 in the bench, then we have the wrong client or are in the wrong market. If we don’t get a top position with motivated employees, then we have to rethink our strategy together.

The management and every employee are obligated to follow these guidelines in their daily and strategic work, and to spread their application in the company.

The company guideline is binding, yet still developable. It is an invitation to dialog with the people it addresses. The dialog should lead to a better understanding on how to adapt the key sentences to a new situation, and to incorporate necessary clarifications and corrections.

Working at 020-EPOS

Get started quickly with targeted training

Regardless of whether you are a career changer or a professional, all new Eposians go through intensive basic training and an induction phase, which vary in scope depending on the client.

Take your chance

  • Permanent employment contracts
  • Flexible working hours in full and part-time possible
  • Shift work without Sundays/holidays
  • Education opportunities parallel to work
  • Attractive bonuses for your success
  • Up to €1,500 for new employees*

*for a limited time only.


The success story of 020-EPOS

Successful companies go through many milestones. Read how the 020-EPOS has made it to this day and what it has achieved. More than 20 years of success as an owner-managed family company.

2021 – Opening

of the 4th location in Dortmund

2019 – Opening

of the 3rd location in Castrop-Rauxel

2018 – Prequalification

for the energy industry.


2017 – Certification

according to DIN EN 9001:2015


2014 – Reform of the basic salary and bonus model for our service center employees


2013 – Issuance of the certificate for certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008


2013 – Conformation of the “Prequalification Achilles” certification for the energy sector


2012 – “Prequalification Achilles” certification for the energy sector


2010 – Commissioning of the new redundant data center


2008 – Certification as “Vodafone Certified Premium Outbound Partner” with special recognition of the quality assurance department


2008 – Opening of the 2nd location in Oberhausen


2007 – First certification on behalf of Deutschen Telekom AG as part of the Code of Conduct


2004 – Establishment of the first quality assurance department


01.02.2002 – Opening of the first location in Essen, start with 19 productive agents

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