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Moskitos Essen

We have been a partner and “helmet sponsor” of the ice hockey club “Moskitos Essen” since 2022. We think it is valuable to support regional sports clubs.

Of course, our employees also benefit from the partnership and can attend the home matches of the Moskitos as enthusiastic fans.


Busy bees

Not only do we have busy bees at our contact centers, but we also have 2 bee colonies on the roof of the Oberhausen location.

Since 2020, these have been lovingly cared for by our beekeeper Marvin and delight us twice a year with a great honey harvest.

Thus, we do something for Mother Nature and our palates.

KKH Commercial Health Insurance Company

For one year, the KKH supports 020-EPOS as a strong partner around the topic of health.

Health and services are an attractive overall package for both 020-EPOS and the health insurance company itself. We combine the thematic world with the goal – to maintain a long-term and strong partnership.

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