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Rot-Weiß Essen

020-EPOS GmbH and Rot-Weiss Essen have expanded their cooperation. From now on, 020-EPOS is a Top-Partner at the stadion Hafenstrasse and presents every goal of the traditional Bergeborbeck club with a graphic insert. RWE and 020-EPOS GmbH celebrate the extension of the partnership with a jointly produced spot.

KKH Commercial Health Insurance Company

For one year, the KKH supports 020-EPOS as a strong partner around the topic of health.

Health and services are an attractive overall package for both 020-EPOS and the health insurance company itself. We combine the thematic world with the goal – to maintain a long-term and strong partnership.

Climate & environmental protection…

is something our company writes in BIG letters. In addition to paperless administration as much as possible, we also look for sustainability and resource-saving handling when purchasing materials and supplies.

Of course, this also includes avoiding disposable packaging – see also the 020-EPOS coffee cups and drinking bottles.

Any questions?

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