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Telecommunications & Internet

Service center services for the telecommunications industry

Addressing the end customer directly is our expertise. We have been selling our clients’ products very successfully since 2002. In our calls, we are guided by the goals of our clients, taking customer satisfaction into account. We provide service in the same customer contact. To this end, our employees are comprehensively trained and continuously accompanied.

  • Upselling and Cross-Selling
  • Prevention of termination / churn prevention
  • Customer recovery / retention
  • Welcome calls and customer satisfaction surveys

Strong communication

High performance

We demand and promote a high level of identification with our clients and their goals. And, of course, we have high standards for the quality of our work.

This standard applies equally to existing customers, telemarketing and business customers and consumers. And for all other channels and media that we can use for this purpose.

Carried out correctly, these measures are a powerful instrument that requires a great deal of responsibility. A long-term, holistic view of all customer contacts is of great importance, both for customer loyalty and for the good image of our clients.

Conversations with customers often yield the opportunity to market a higher-value product. Our outbound agents maximize additional sales potential through plausible arguments and product presentations. The customer is the focus and receives optimal advice. We increase the potential that lies within your customers. After all, we don’t want to miss a chance to get your message across to your customers. We attach great importance to professionalism, empathy and tact.


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