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Website 2.0 is online

It took a long time, but our new website with a new look is finally online. The homepage is much fresher and clearly arranged. Have fun surfing.

24. April 2023
020-EPOS Webseite with a New Design

It took a long time, but our new website with a new look is finally online.

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14. October 2021
Up to 1,500€ for New Employees

A new job, a great team, and you even get a bonus for it? Yes, at 020-EPOS.

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18. March 2021
Apprenticeship at 020 Epos

The 020-EPOS European Point of Service GmbH has been on the road to success ever since it was founded 19 years ago.

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12. March 2021
Top Training Material Thanks to 020 Epos GmbH

RWE and Essener Chancen partner dresses Team III up in new gear.

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10. March 2021
Good Practice – Here’s How

As an employer in our industry, it is particularly important to have a high recognition value.

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